apache age viewer


It is unclear what you mean by an “Apache AGE viewer.” AGE (Approximate Graph Engine) is a graph processing and analytics system for relational databases (RDBs) that is implemented in Java. It provides a set of SQL functions and data types for working with graphs, as well as a set of graph algorithms for analyzing and processing graph data.

There is no specific tool or application called an “Apache AGE viewer” that I am aware of. However, it is possible to use various tools and applications to visualize the results of graph analytics performed with AGE. Some options might include:

  • Using a graph visualization library or tool to display the results of AGE queries as a graph. Examples of such libraries and tools include D3.js, Gephi, and Graphviz.

  • Exporting the results of AGE queries to a file in a format that can be visualized by a tool or application, such as a CSV file or a GEXF file.

  • Using a database management system (DBMS) or other tool that has built-in support for visualizing the results of SQL queries. For example, you might use a DBMS like MySQL Workbench or PostgreSQL to execute AGE queries and display the results as a graph.

Ultimately, the specific tool or approach you use to visualize the results of AGE queries will depend on your needs and preferences.