HTML CSS insert line breaks in HTML documents


To insert a line break in an HTML document, you can use the br element. The br element is a self-closing element that represents a line break in the text.

For example, to insert a line break between the words “Hello” and “World”, you can use the following HTML:


This will display the text “Hello” and “World” on separate lines.

You can also use the br element to insert multiple line breaks in a row. For example:


This will insert two line breaks between the words “Hello” and “World”, resulting in three separate lines of text.

In addition to the br element, you can also use the p element to insert a line break and create a new paragraph. The p element represents a paragraph of text, and will automatically insert a line break before and after the content.

For example:


This will display the text “Hello” and “World” on separate lines and create two separate paragraphs.

For more information on the br and p elements, you can refer to the HTML documentation: