textarea json format


To format a JSON string in a textarea element, you can use a JavaScript library like jsonlint or json-formatter-js. These libraries provide functions that can format a JSON string into a more human-readable format, with indentation and line breaks.

Here’s an example of how you can use the jsonlint library to format a JSON string in a textarea element:

import jsonlint from 'jsonlint'

function Example() {
    const jsonString = '{"key":"value"}'
    const formattedJson = jsonlint.parse(jsonString)

    return (
        <textarea value={formattedJson}/>

In this example, we are using the parse function of the jsonlint library to parse and format the JSON string. The formatted JSON string is then passed as the value of the textarea element.

You can use a similar approach with the json-formatter-js library to format a JSON string in a textarea element.

It’s important to note that these libraries are intended for formatting JSON strings, not for parsing and manipulating JSON data. If you need to parse and manipulate JSON data, you should use the JSON.parse and JSON.stringify functions in the JavaScript standard library.