why tutorial is name 101


The term “101” in the context of a tutorial or educational resource typically refers to an introductory or basic level of instruction. It is commonly used to indicate that the tutorial is aimed at beginners or individuals who have little to no prior knowledge of the subject matter.

The origin of the term “101” can be traced back to the course numbering system used by many universities and educational institutions in the United States. In this system, introductory courses are often assigned the number “101” to indicate that they provide fundamental knowledge and serve as a starting point for further study.

Over time, the term “101” has become a shorthand way of denoting introductory material in various contexts, not just in formal education. It has been adopted in the naming of tutorials, articles, books, and other resources to signal that they provide a basic introduction to a particular topic.

For example, a tutorial titled “Python Programming 101” would indicate that it covers the fundamentals of Python programming, targeting individuals with little or no prior experience in the language.

By using “101” in the title, creators of tutorials aim to communicate the intended audience and level of complexity, making it easier for beginners to identify suitable resources for getting started in a particular subject.

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