cakephp aftersave


In CakePHP, the afterSave callback method is triggered after a model’s data has been successfully saved to the database. This method can be used to perform additional tasks after the save operation, such as sending an email notification or updating related records.

Here’s an example of how you can use the afterSave method in a CakePHP model:

class User extends AppModel {
  public function afterSave($created, $options = []) {
    if ($created) {
      // Send an email notification when a new user is created

  public function sendWelcomeEmail() {
    // Send the welcome email here

In this example, the sendWelcomeEmail method is called after a new user is created (when the $created parameter is true). You can use the $options parameter to access the options passed to the save method, such as the validate option.

Note: The afterSave method is just one of several callback methods available in CakePHP models. Other callback methods include beforeSave, afterDelete, and beforeValidate. These methods can be used to perform additional tasks before or after certain model events.