cakephp base url


In CakePHP, the base URL is the root URL of your application, which is used as a prefix for all of your application’s routes. The base URL is usually the domain name of your application, such as

To set the base URL for your CakePHP application, you will need to do the following:

  1. Set the fullBaseUrl option in your application’s config/app.php file:
'fullBaseUrl' => '',
  1. Use the $this->Url->build method in your application’s views to generate URLs based on the base URL:
echo $this->Url->build('/users/login');

This will generate the URL, which can be used to access the login action in the Users controller.

Note: The base URL is just one of many configuration options available in CakePHP. You can customize the base URL and other options to fit the needs of your application. You can refer to the CakePHP documentation for more information.