CakePHP Creating Validators


In CakePHP, validators are used to validate data before it is saved to the database. You can create custom validators to handle specific validation tasks that are not covered by the built-in validators. Here’s how you can create a custom validator in CakePHP:

  1. Create a new class that extends the Cake\Validation\Validator class. This class will contain your custom validation rules.

  2. In your new class, define a public function for each validation rule that you want to add. Each function should take a single argument, which will be the value to be validated, and should return true if the value is valid and false if it is not.

  3. To use your custom validator, you will need to pass an instance of your validator class to the validator() method of your table class. For example:

$validator = new MyCustomValidator();
$validator = $validator->add('field', 'custom', ['rule' => 'myCustomRule']);

$table = TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get('Users');
$table->setValidator('default', $validator);