cakephp entity


In CakePHP, an entity represents a single record in a database table. It is used to hold and manipulate data in the ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) layer of the framework.

An entity is created from a table’s schema and contains getters and setters for each field in the table. You can use the entity’s getters and setters to access and modify the data in the record.

Here’s an example of how you can use an entity in a CakePHP application:

use App\Model\Entity\User;

// Create a new entity
$user = new User();

// Set the entity's data
$user->name = 'John';
$user->email = '[email protected]';

// Save the entity to the database

// Update the entity's data
$user->name = 'Jane';

// Delete the entity from the database

In this example, a new User entity is created and its data is set using the entity’s setters. The entity is then saved to the users table in the database. The entity’s data is then updated and the entity is deleted from the database.

You can use entities to easily manipulate data in your CakePHP application and persist it to the database. You can refer to the CakePHP documentation for more information on entities and how to use them in your application.