CakePHP Logging


CakePHP has a built-in logging system that allows you to log messages to various storage locations, such as files, databases, and email.

To use the logging system in CakePHP, you’ll need to load the Log component in your controller and then call one of the logging methods (such as error, warning, or info) to log a message.

Here’s an example of how to use the logging system in CakePHP:


public function index()
    $this->Log->info('This is an info message');
    $this->Log->warning('This is a warning message');
    $this->Log->error('This is an error message');

By default, CakePHP logs messages to files in the logs directory of your application. You can change the logging configuration in the config/app.php file of your application.

For more information about the logging system in CakePHP, you can refer to the documentation at