CakePHP View Events


In CakePHP, view events are special methods that are called at specific points during the rendering of a view template. View events allow you to customize the behavior of your view templates by executing code at specific points in the rendering process.

There are several view events that you can use in CakePHP, including:

beforeRender: called before a view template is rendered.
afterRender: called after a view template is rendered.
beforeLayout: called before a layout template is rendered.
afterLayout: called after a layout template is rendered.

Here’s an example of how to use the beforeRender view event in CakePHP:


public function beforeRender(\Cake\Event\Event $event)
    $this->set('menu', $this->Menu->getMenu());

View template:

<?= $menu ?>

<!-- Display a list of posts here -->

In this example, the beforeRender event is used to set the menu variable, which is then available to the view template and used to display a menu.

For more information about view events in CakePHP, you can refer to the documentation at