CakePHP Views


In CakePHP, a view is a template that is used to render the content of a page in response to a request. A view typically contains HTML markup, as well as placeholders for variables that are set by the controller.

Here’s an example of a simple view template in CakePHP:

<h1><?= $post->title ?></h1>
<p><?= $post->body ?></p>

This view template displays the title and body of a post. The $post variable is passed to the view by the controller and contains the post data.

In CakePHP, view templates are usually stored in the src/Template directory of your application. The name of the template file should match the name of the action that it is used for (e.g. view.php for the view action).

For more information about views in CakePHP, you can refer to the documentation at