cakephp vs laravel


CakePHP and Laravel are both open-source PHP web application frameworks used for the development of web applications. Both frameworks are designed to provide developers with an easy and efficient way to build feature-rich web applications.

Here are some differences between the two frameworks:

  • Architecture: Laravel follows a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, while CakePHP follows a Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture.

  • Syntax: Laravel uses a more expressive syntax and a more modern coding style, while CakePHP has a more traditional syntax.

  • Database support: Laravel supports a wide range of database systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, while CakePHP only supports MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  • Templating: Laravel uses Blade as its default templating engine, while CakePHP uses its own custom templating engine.

  • Community: Laravel has a larger and more active community, with more resources and support available.

Ultimately, the choice between CakePHP and Laravel will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your project. Both frameworks have their own strengths and are capable of building high-quality web applications.

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