Java Constructors


In Java, documentation comments are comments that are written in a specific format and are used to generate documentation for the Java code. Documentation comments begin with the /** characters and end with the */ characters.

Documentation comments can be used to describe the purpose and usage of classes, interfaces, methods, and fields. The documentation generated from these comments is often used to create API (Application Programming Interface) documentation for Java libraries.

Here is an example of a documentation comment for a class:

 * The Point class represents a point in two-dimensional space.
 * @author John Doe
 * @version 1.0
public class Point {
    // class definition goes here

And here is an example of a documentation comment for a method:

 * Calculates the distance between two points.
 * @param p1 the first point
 * @param p2 the second point
 * @return the distance between the two points
public double distance(Point p1, Point p2) {
    // method implementation goes here

Documentation comments can include special tags such as @author, @version, and @param to provide additional information about the code.

To generate documentation from the documentation comments, you can use the javadoc tool that is included with the Java Development Kit (JDK). The javadoc tool generates HTML documentation from the comments in your Java source code.

For more information on documentation comments and the javadoc tool, you can refer to the official Java documentation at