how to get GET and POST variables with JQuery?


To get GET variables with jQuery, you can use the URLSearchParams interface to parse the current URL’s query string parameters.

Here’s an example:

// Assuming the current URL is

const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
const name = urlParams.get('name'); // "John"
const age = urlParams.get('age'); // "30"

To get POST variables with jQuery, you can use the $.post() method to send an AJAX POST request to the server and receive the response. You can include the POST data as an object in the second argument of the $.post() method.

Here’s an example:

$.post('url/to/server', {name: 'John', age: 30}, function(data) {
  console.log(data); // Response data from the server

In this example, we are sending a POST request to the url/to/server URL with the name and age data as an object. The function(data) callback function is executed when the server responds with data. You can access the response data in the data variable.