how can I check what site a javascript badge is embedded on?


If you have a JavaScript badge that is embedded on a website and you want to check which website it is on, there are a few ways to do this:

  1. Inspect the HTML code: You can use your web browser’s developer tools to inspect the HTML code of the website and look for the badge code. Typically, badges are embedded using HTML tags like

  2. Use a tracking pixel: You can add a tracking pixel to the badge code that sends a request to a server you control every time the badge is loaded. This allows you to track where the badge is being loaded from and collect analytics data about how it is being used.

  3. Add a referrer check: You can modify the badge code to check the document.referrer property, which contains the URL of the page that linked to the current page. If the referrer matches the URL of the website where the badge is supposed to be embedded, then you know that the badge is being used on the correct site.

It’s important to note that if the badge code is being copied and pasted by users, it can be difficult to track where it is being used. In this case, your best option may be to add a visible watermark or other identifier to the badge to discourage unauthorized use.